Hurricane Sandy at Manasquan, N.J.

The best single overview is the NBC news item in the "Media accounts of damage" section below

Sandy Forecasts and Warnings

National Hurricane Center H. Sandy Advisory Archive

Selected forecasts from the Craghan storm archive

Content from Borough of Manasquan website (pdf). Captured October 28, 2012 at 10:07 p.m.

Official Manasquan Photography

Borough of Manasquan's Facebook page features photo albums taken right after the storm by the OEM. (Set descriptions and photo counts below are lifted verbatim from the source.)

Sean Wohltman's Picasa web album, Borough of Manasquan Post Sandy, is a heroic labor of love to geotag all the Borough of Manasquan OEM's post storm photography. (568 photos as of October 31, 2012)

Media accounts of damage

NBC Nightly News on October 31, 2012 featured Manasquan in its lead story: New Jersey reeling from Sandy's landfall. (It's never good to be the lead on a network news story about storm damage.)

The Star-Ledger photo gallery: Devastation on Manasquan Beachfront after Hurricane Sandy

ABC News has Interactive before and after images—scroll down to the pictures "near Brielle, New Jersey"

YouTube offerings

The public was not officially allowed to the Manasquan beach area until Saturday November 3, and a pass and proof of residency or ownership is required. Thus the video record is delayed and smaller than what you would expect.


Coastal Change

NOAA has NGS Vertical aerial photography from flights taken right after the storm. If you are zoomed into Manasquan, the October 31, 2012 Flight 2 images are the first available set. The November 1, 2012 Flight 1 images show a wider swath, and some of the recovery activity is visible.

Pre- and post-storm oblique aerial photography from USGS, post-storm examples include:

The USGS H. Sandy page

NOAA CSC's Digital Coast: sifts through the volumes of post-storm data

Weather and Storm surge

NOAA CO-OPS has an archive of its tidal "Quicklooks" reports that were posted every 6 hours while the storm progressed. The last one: Post-tropical Storm SANDY QuickLook

The USGS Hurricane Sandy Storm Tide mapper has a record of post-storm, surveyed high water marks.

The National Weather Service, Philadelphia-Mount Holly Office posted a Storm Summary for Superstorm Sandy


"My Jersey Shore, Now in Ruins" Op-Ed in the NYT by Kevin Coyne, November 2, 2012