Atlantic and Gulf King Tides in 2014

A king tide is the highest water level within a year that is produced by the orbits and alignments of the Earth, Moon and Sun. It is the highest high tide of the year. (However, winds, storms, floods, or other local conditions may result in another day of the year ending up with the highest water level.)

Sea level rise will make today's king tides become the future's everyday tides.

Color Key:

King tides in January (27 of 120 stns)

King tides in August (13)

King tides in October (41)

King tides in other random months (39)



Showing locations in the NOAA station list with a Mean Higher High Water (MHHW) at least 1 foot above MLLW. MHHW is the height of the highest water level on an average day.

One tide will be the highest and if you click on a marker you will learn when it is. However it is not necessarily highest by a wide margin and other high tides can be very close in height.

Time is in 24-hour format so watch your a.m.'s and p.m.'s. The NOAA webserver returns dates and times in Local Standard Time! Be sure to apply any necessary DST offset to find out what time the high tide is. If the king tide is between 11 p.m. and midnight be sure you get the date right for any DST correction too.

Tide predictions are from

The NOAA webserver returns tides to 0.001 ft. The tide station pages report MHHW to 1 mm. The precision is retained.

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