MACGES was founded in Manasquan, N.J. in May 1999 to be a non-commercial, non-governmental organization that would advance geographic and environmental knowledge about the area surrounding the Middle Atlantic Bight. The main effort now is to continue with an ad hoc effort to educate local officials and the public about coastal zone issues affecting the N.J. Shore (especially in Monmouth and Ocean Counties).


Sea Level Rise ♦ King Tides

♥ Find out when 2015's Atlantic and Gulf king tides will roll in. Grab your camera and document a glimpse of the future! Sea level rise will make today's king tides become the future's everyday tides.

King tide archive:

♦ Extra sea-level planning maps have been prepared to accompany a peer-reviewed article in Environmental Research Letters.


N.J. Projects

♠ A resource directory about Hurricane Sandy in Manasquan, N.J.—before and after landfall.

♥ The website of the Manasquan River Watershed Association image indicating exit to another website has a wealth of information about the ecology and human use of that coastal watershed.

♦ New Jersey coastal resource inventories are being produced as time allows (or need arises).

Google Map applications. These experimental works were initially created in 2006 to demonstrate the utility of Google Maps for the dissemination of floodplain maps. As of now they are not being maintained or updated (this could change).



Reach out via e-mail through "info" at this domain. (The e-mail spam filter is dialed up high: please craft a message that doesn't look like spam.)


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